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Large project consists of two GIT. Base GIT is separted for each customer. Product GIT is been setup as a Sub Module. Where it is been shared among all the customer base using the large. This gives the advantage of

  • New feature build on any product is been shared and ready to be implemented for all customers

  • Having a common code base increases the stability as one fix is reflected throught all the code base.


  • Node.js Recommended : > v10.0.0
  • Node.js Code Version : v14.15.5 (LTS)
  • MySQL Recommended : > v5.7.35


  • git clone <BASE_GIT_URL>
  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update --remote


  • Configuring the code:

    • should be updated in the app.js

    • npm install to install all the packages. Each versions can be referred inside the package.json. Which should be enough no changes on the package.json should be made manually.

  • Configuring the database:

    • Install MySQL

    • Get the database from the given file. Import in the local or the site.

    • Inside the config/.json. Setup the database configuration and the name of the database.

  • Configuring the Web Server:

    • Install Nginx or Apache

    • Virtual Host is created and configuring the domain name etc which is required for the server is completed.

    • Proxy Policies, Defining the port in which site has to run is configured.

    • Inside the config/.json. Update the URL, PORT, PATH from the server.

  • Configuring the Local Setup:

    • Use the domain as localhost

    • Define the port number in which the site has to run.

    • Inside the config/.json. Update the URL, PORT, PATH from the local setup.


  • Local setup:

    • Install nodemon as a Global Dependency. npm i --g nodemon

    • Run npm start the site should be starting up in your desired local host port

  • Server setup:

    • Forever setup is recommended. npm i --g forever

    • forever start app.js should start the server in your desired port and path.


  • If you see any error as file is missing

    • Check the .gitignore files. For logs you may have to create some folders inside the public to see the request logs /logs/api/allrequest and logs/api/error. Based on the error create those folders accordingly

    • If SQL Group BY or any error is shown. If using the latest version of MySQL. Please remove the other SQL_MODE variables which are not mentioned here. ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION

    • If uploading an image is showing an error. Please create a folder inside the public which the name which is shown in the error.

    • Any errors other than this. Please contact the Server Team


  • ESLint

    • We are following airbnb eslint coding standards. All rules are predefined. Please refer to the eslint documentation for further details on each rules.
  • Prettier

    • Style Guide of prettier rules has be mentioned on the .prettierrc file. Rules can be referred in the documentation
  • Husky

    • Husky is used to check the standards before any commits are made. Only if the standards are qualified it would be allowing for making the commit. Otherwise will be seeing the Husky Pre Commit Error. Which shows what rule is been violated to make the fix.


  • Premium Support

    Below hours of operation for support is certainly accepted.

    1. 8am – 5pm CST
    2. 5pm – 8Am CST
  • Service Level Agreements for support:

    • Urgent: Website completely down/offline, Security errors, Payments not transacting, form not submitting or any issue that affects site completely. Team response time is 1-3 business hours.
    • P1: Chronic issues, Notification errors, Page load times, or any issue that is hindering site performance. Team Response Time is a 2-hour response time during business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST).
    • P2: SEO Meta Tag issues, or any issue that requires non-critical resolve. Team Response Time is 2-4 business days.
    • P3: Design issues, Textual changes, or issues that are aesthetic in nature and require no to minimum coding. Team Response Time is 5 business days.
    • P4: Module edits or new features that do not require a stringent timeline. Team Response Time is Tentative.
  • Phone Support:

    • Our Main support Contact is 972-200-5516. You may connect to any of the below resources during US time.
      • Jhon Rojas (Sales)
      • Akito Ito (Developer)
      • Sreevalli Santhavel (Project Manager)
      • Yifei Chen (Developer)
      • Srikanth Baskaran (Developer)
      • Gagan Singla (Dev Ops)
  • Email Support:

    • If preferred, you May reach us via email @, in additions to CaseCamp in case your open urgent case needs to be escalates.